About us

About us

 Working For A Brighter Tomorrow

Central Illinois Down Syndrome Organization (CIDSO) is a not-for-profit organization.  CIDSO was established in 1974 to act as a support service for the families in McLean County and in Central Illinois who had been touched by Down syndrome. CIDSO was founded by Bill and Diane Crutcher, along with Steve and Penny Schimpler. Penny and Diane were members of the National Down Syndrome Organization during the 1970's and Mrs. Crutcher lobbied in Washington on behalf of Down syndrome for eighteen years, consulting numerous organizations.  Membership is available to anyone over age 18 who is a member of a family who has/had a child with Down syndrome and meets other eligibility requirements as adopted by the general membership.  To be a voting member, individuals must complete a membership form.


NOTE:  "Active member" requirements for individuals wishing to receive funding for enrichment activities, conference attendance, and ISU speech/hearing services can be found under the "Resources" tab under "Available Funding Opportunities".  Active Member requirements need not be met to participate in CIDSO activities, vote on matters pertaining to CIDSO, and enjoy other benefits of being a CIDSO member.

Membership Form

Our Mission

To enhance the quality of life of those born with Down syndrome through the establishment of life-long opportunities by continuing to educate, inform and support families, professionals and communities.


To support families as they adjust to the birth of a child with Down syndrome.

To provide informational and educational opportunities to families and interested persons.

To provide support for new and expanded educational, recreational, social, vocational, and residential opportunities for individuals with Down syndrome.

To provide legislative, informational, and advocacy support on issues impacting the lives of people with Down syndrome.

To provide social support to families.

To provide public awareness activities.

Officers & Chairs

  • President - Angela Hedican
  • Vice President - Deb Presley
  • Secretary - Shelley Marquis
  • Treasurer - Kim Weber
  • Fund Application Administrator - Diane Crutcher
  • Advocacy & Resources - Sandy Ginther
  • Communication Administrator - Diane Walker
  • Social Media Administrator- Angela Hedican
  • Community Outreach - Dawn Mattia
  • Family Outreach - Kim Weber, Angela Hedican
  • Golf Gala & Open - Julie Otto, Rick Bauersfeld
  • Buddy Walk - Angela Hedican, Kim Weber
  • Social Chair - Amy Phifer
  • Self Advocates - Abbey Heines, Kathy Peden, Kirsten Boswell     

CIDSO Membership Meeting Agendas and Minutes