Funding Opportunities

Funding Opportunities



The following funding sources will be changing for 2019.  Stay tuned for new funding information ...

Effective 1/17/2017

CIDSO Program Funds are designed to support programs and projects that are conducted within McLean County on behalf of persons with Down syndrome.  Programs should maximize the opportunities for those with Down syndrome in the areas of recreation, communication, employment, inclusion, and education.  Programs/Projects that provide for inclusive opportunities for people with Down syndrome will be given priority. More information and the application form are available in CIDSO Program Funds link. Any questions about this policy should be directed to the Administrator of these funds, Diane Crutcher email:

Please fill out and file this application to be considered.


CIDSO Enrichment/Participation Funds.By opening doors of opportunity, we strive to enrich lives, allowing those born with Down syndrome to be active participants in their community. This fund is designed to promote people with Down syndrome having access to and being supported in community involvement/participation.  It is available to any CIDSO Member (defined as a person who has filed and had accepted by the CIDSO Membership Chair a CIDSO Membership application and is active in the organization currently or within the past 2 years).   "Active within the organization" is defined as having served within the past two years and/or is currently serving on the CIDSO Board and/or attending three out of four CIDSO Membership Meetings annually and/or is functionally supporting any of the CIDSO fund-raisers and/or committees.  The Funds Administrator will assess with appropriate CIDSO Chairpersons whether the family/individual applying for Enrichment Fund support meets the required definition of "active" before any funds are allocated. 

Please fill out and file this application as directed to be considered.


CIDSO Conference Participation Fund   This fund is designed to enable those touched by Down syndrome to participate in educational opportunities to increase their knowledge and skills as well as those of the broader CIDSO community. Participants are expected to share information obtained at the conference with CIDSO. Copies of handouts/brochures/CDs, etc. are appreciated.  Allocated funds will be shared among those who request it.

Please fill out and file this application to be considered. Applications must be received by the CIDSO Funds Administrator, Diane Crutcher: email:  30 days prior to the conference.


CIDSO/ISU Speech and Hearing Services Funding : For three decades CIDSO has partnered with ISU to provide speech and hearing services to individuals with Down syndrome who live in McLean County.  The ISU Speech and Hearing Clinic is now a Medicare / Medicaid provider and will also bill many private insurance companies. Once all of the insurance has been billed and processed, CIDSO will pay up to half of any remaining cost being billed to a client for up to one hour of therapy per week during the school year.  Here are the steps to follow: 

1.  Contact Amy Heermance (309-438-5764) at the ISU Speech and Hearing Clinic immediately to provide them your child’s insurance information.  This will include any private insurance you may have as well as Medicare / Medicaid insurance numbers. You will also sign a release of billing information to CIDSO.

2.  ISU will bill your private insurance / Medicare / Medicaid. 

3.  Depending on your family member’s insurance status, ISU speech services may not cost you anything out of pocket. 

4.  All CIDSO members who want to seek funding from CIDSO must provide ISU with all of the insurance information on their family member.  CIDSO will be a payer of “last resort.”  Once all of the insurance has been billed and processed, CIDSO will pay up to half of any remaining cost being billed to the client for up to one hour of speech therapy per week.   

Any questions, please contact Amy Heermance (phone: 309-438-5764, email: at the ISU Speech and Hearing Clinic.